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Know Your Acne Treatments

Is your face a showcase of red bumps and glistening spots? Do you hate words like pimples, zits, whiteheads and blackheads and they are on your face? If you do, you’re not alone.  Acne is a very common skin disorder and 40 to 50 million Americans have to deal with this problem everyday. If you’re a teenager, the chances of having them increase manifold.  In fact, 80% of teenagers have them and yes, you can blame the increase of Androgen hormone production at this volatile time of life.  But if you think age is a determining factor–not quite–acne can strike at any age.

Medically, acne is not a huge threat.  It’s not a disease but a case of clogged pore that manifest itself in acne. When sebum, produced in the sebaceous glands found under the skin is trapped inside pores because of dead cells or overproduction of sebum, bacteria grow and acne shows up.  Not a welcome guest, definitely.

If acne is not a medical threat, why do we hate them so much?  If you ever have one, you will know the emotional stress it causes–yes, even one can do the trick. Especially when it shows up at the most prominent of places–like on the nose or smack in the middle of the cheek. You want a magic wand to wish it away.  Maybe, that’s asking too much.  However, there are over-the-counter acne treatments that you can turn to for some relief.

Not all anti-acne treatments are the same.  Look for these active ingredients:

  • Salicyclic acid : Unclog pores
  • Benzoyl peroxide:  Kills bacteria
  • Glycolic acid:  renews skin
  • Sulfur : Dries sebum
  • Azelaic acid:  normalizes skin

Since these different ingredients perform different tasks, it’s advisable to buy one with a combination of these ingredients.

Another word of advice, look for inclusion of natural extracts as these help to heal acne without the harsh effects. Look for:

  • Green Tea:  regulates skin sebum
  • Tea Tree Oil:  reduces inflammation
  • Allotoin:   stimulates healthy tissue
  • Licorice root:  even out skin tone
  • Olive Leaf:  kills acne bacteria
  • Vitamin A, C and E: provides good nutrients for the skin

If you’re worried about the amount of chemicals used, try home remedies.  Read “Banish Acne Angst With Simple Tricks.

If acne festers and turns nasty with plus, consult a dermatologist. Severe acne can leave scars.